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The Tumaini Foundation believes in a future full of hope and opportunity for families and children across Africa.

Right now, with your gift to Tumaini, you have the opportunity to help change peoples' lives. From supporting stronger, expanded schools to helping bring better health care opportunities, your gift will bring hope to families across Africa who are thirsting for brighter futures.

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Whatever enlarges HOPE will also exalt courage. 
  -Samuel Johnson

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Donations can be mailed to the Tumaini Foundation, 313 N Mattis Ave, Suite 113A, Champaign, IL 61821.


You can also donate via bitcoin to this address: 1KzQavSHLVwAqfRho4KCws9HhJoBhnqbhd or use this QR code.

The Tumaini Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity with the IRS and registered with the Illinois Attorney General.  Your donations are tax deductible per IRS rules. Address is required to send you an annual statement of your charitable giving.

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