Hope is the parent of faith.

- C. A. Bartol


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HOPE is itself a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness,
which this world affords.  
-William Samuel Johnson


On the dusty playground in northwest Tanzania, a gaggle of young children in matching uniforms burn off steam after a morning  of lessons kicking an empty plastic bottle around like a soccer ball. In the background, Father Fortunatas, the school’s head teacher, calls to them from the steps of the tiny and old sun-soaked St. Mary Philipo's School for afternoon lessons.

The children swarm back to the school’s one small school room, eagerly giving up recess, to return to their schoolwork.



Many of the children on this makeshift ball field travel miles each day, many of them through rugged areas, to attend St. Mary’s. Others board on site here, away from their families for months at a time. These children are ready to drink up everything they can learn and do not take a minute of their education for granted.



Across the globe, education lights the path of hope to a better lives. This is especially true for the poor and the most vulnerable.

The boys and girls that live in the many small towns around Kishojo in Northwestern Tanzania, despite the many obstacles, dream of educating themselves to build better lives, get good jobs, and stay healthy.

Sadly, accessing education in this region can be a challenge. Most Tanzanian families live on $1-2 a day. And while attending primary school in Tanzania is free, costs for uniforms, food, materials, and boarding fees can run $40 per year per child for primary school alone.




Still, educating Tanzania’s children, especially girls, is transformative, helping boost their chances of future employment, staying healthy and raising healthy families, and participating fully in society.

The Tumaini Foundation, working in partnership with the Diocese of Karagwe, is seeking your support to send directly to St. Mary Philipo's School to expand the school and its offerings. Your donation – every dollar of it – will go to expand the school’s buildings, allowing for more children to attend and get a great education.