Hope is the parent of faith.

- C. A. Bartol


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About the challenges to health in Africa:


Buruli Ulcer

Lather Against Ebola

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI)


In many African countries, ravished by war, famine, poverty, and disease, opportunities for education and good health are fleeting.

Taking inspiration from the Swahili word for hope, tumaini, the Tumaini Foundation is bringing hope – through education and healing – for those in need in Africa.


Ivory Coast: Saving lives through better health

Widespread poverty, hunger, and a lack of sanitation bring an array of deadly and debilitating diseases to the children and families in villages surrounding N’Gatta-Doloukro, Ivory Coast. Access to healthcare is limited and quality of care is often poor. Now, residents face new threats from Ebola...

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Tanzania: Better living through education

On a dusty playground in small village of Kimisa in far northwest Tanzania, a gaggle of four- to six-year-olds in matching uniforms burn off steam after a morning of lessons kicking an empty plastic bottle around like a soccer ball. In the background…

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